Mutton Keema With Peas

Mutton Keema with peas

500g mince Mutton

3 tomatoes chopped in half


3 med onions chopped very fine

2 handfuls of frozen peas

2 tbsp Coriander Powder, 1 tbsp Cumin.

1tsp turmeric , 2tsp garam Marsala

1tsp good curry Powder

1tbsp of Tomato purée


Fry onions untill dark golden brown, add mince ,fry until mince is brown all over. Add the spices, mix in well with a splash of water add tomato puree and cook for 10 mins stirring constantly. Add more water to stop it from sticking and to make a gravy. Add tomatoes and peas and cook for 5 mins.


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